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Summer afternoon, summer afternoon… to me those have always been the two most beautiful words

in the English language. Henry James

This may be your first work or you may already be a published author. Whatever the case, I understand how important your book is to you.

I proofread and copy edit the manuscript to ensure that grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct, and there is consistency in style and continuity - in other words, it is a pleasure to read. Much of this detail can easily be overlooked when writing, even by the most experienced of authors.

I work closely with you, offering constructive support and advice as well as technical expertise.



An academic dissertation or thesis is the result of many months, sometimes years, of dedicated research, fieldwork and writing.

The quality of its presentation will help to determine its success.

I provide fast, personal, cost-effective proofreading and copy editing to ensure that your work is presented to the highest standard.

With many of my clients their first language is not English - I work with clients of all nationalities, worldwide.

The presentation of your company’s documents is vital in making a good first impression.

It is not only what you write but how you write it that matters. Well-written copy helps to win business.

Professional documents: proposals, reports, marketing campaigns, general correspondence, advertising and PR

Company resources: website content, manuals, brochures, leaflets

Coaching and training: materials for coaching and training - individuals, groups and workshops


Book manuscripts, corporate and private documents, academic papers - professional proofreading and editing ensures a finished product of the highest standard.

English is spoken as a native language by around 1.5 billion people and as a second language by around 350 million.

English is the international standard for science, engineering, aviation, medicine, on the internet, in modern film and media, in commerce and law.